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deposit refund

New-in-Town ✪

deposit refund

After a few weeks, they didnt notify me that my account are closed.  it was due to my ic didnt match with my current telco number. and they say i can terminate my order and live chat with them again for refund process.  But the funny thing is, i cannot do the live chat due my account has been terminate. so now, how am i going to get my refund deposit?

Contributing Citizen ✪

same refund prob just like you

i did request port out from webe(unifi mobile) and ask them if i paid this month bill should i be able to request for refund then two of TM CS from live chat inform me i could claim the remaining unused days. after port out success then they said i cannot claim anything ...i have screenshot with two of their CS as a proof. the worst things is there is no call center and the live chat always auto signout while active replying their cs now not sure where to report maybe tribunal