dude, where's my bill?

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dude, where's my bill?

I've been reminded a few times via text to pay my bill to avoid service interruption, but i don't see it in self-care and i have not received an email. How do I pay? Does this mean my first month is free? 


Perhaps you can put the charges together with the Unifi bill so it can be paid in one shot? Just my 2 sen (or RM72.95) on the matter. 



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Re: dude, where's my bill?

The bill should be available in selfcare. Is there any error occured? You may contact customer support about the issue bro https://www.webe.com.my/explore/contact-us

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Re: dude, where's my bill?

You can check your bill via Selfcare > Charges

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Re: dude, where's my bill?

I am so confused now. The new interface is not user friendly and I cant even find my bills. I need to print my bills soo for claim and this is taking too much of my time just searching for it. 


Event the contact us icon is error. 


Please advise. This is really annoying

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Re: dude, where's my bill?

Weird. Im not facing any issue to login. Try use other browser https://mobile.unifi.com.my/customer/starthere