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line keep being bared without any notification

New-in-Town ✪

line keep being bared without any notification

i am webe user since september 2017. and i really dissappointed with their services.  as my line has been barred for 2 times already and without any notification.  what if on that time you barred the line i was in emergency and for your information i only have ur line as my contact sources. the point that make me so disappointed is that i did not get any notication before webe take action to barred my line by so suddenly. the first time my line get barred and when i went to tm caunter they tell me that it was your system unsucseffully auto get the payment from my bank account. its okay about the system problem i can still understand.. but please has some manner webe.. if you really have to barred people's line please AT LEAST a day before you that send a notification PLEASE. and now this moment i have been barred again and i dont know what is the issue again. 

Upholding Citizen ✪✪✪

Re: line keep being bared without any notification

I understand how you feel. I might get angry as well if there's no notification provided. Just check with Live Chat team and ask them what happened. Hopefully this might not happen in the near future.