my call kept being cut off

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my call kept being cut off

Hi webe,


My calls to my friend on another webe line kept being cut off after 12 mins to 16 mins. The same happened when my friend called me back on my webe line.

Both me and my friend are not moving around and we are both at home when we made the calls.

This happened around 11.30pm till 12.20am last night.


Why so unstable? 

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Re: my call kept being cut off

Hi jelly,


Based on our experience, call drop may be caused by several factors, such as changes of the network between 2G-3G-4G, network congestions, indoor building coverage (some building structure might block/weaken signal strength) etc. These factors may apply to the other caller as well.


If it happens next time, you may try this:-


1)    Is your signal weak at the time of the call?

  1. Yes, try to stand nearby to window, balcony, or outdoor if possible?
  2. If not, next question…

2)    Does it happen at a certain period of the time/day or all the time/day?

  1. A certain period of the time/day – congestion may occur at the time of call made
  2. All the time/day? – check coverage and the outages

3)    If it happen frequently, do contact our support team using Online Form/Livechat

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Re: my call kept being cut off

Thanks ..  will try and let u know if there is any issue