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unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

yes exactly same happened to me.

i've went to TM branch, livechat, app support, call customer service 100, everything is useless. none of it helps. the apps itself is lousy. customer service is not workable. but they still simply terminate user account. this is 1st time in history telco terminated an active user account without permission.

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Isu kat sini. saya punya OCR telah complete lama dan akaun masih aktif tetapi line suspended. kenapa?

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!



Already verified my ic.


When will the line active back? Do i need to inform or the system will automatically update?

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

I have the same issue here, in the app show OCR completed when trying to verify the profile ( I have verified the profile before ).

Then today I receive the sms to ask for verification , it state that I haven't verify the profile and my line will be suspended at the end of month. Now it seems get into an endless loop.

@remstr can help?


Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Hi @ahmt8 @acidfreedom ,


No need. If you have completed the OCR before this, please disregard the reminder.

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

ok, thanks. Hopefully all is fine Smiley Happy

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Kalau akaun dah kena suspended, nak aktifkan balik macam mn


Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

@Mdmm wrote:

Kalau akaun dah kena suspended, nak aktifkan balik macam mn

suspended sebab apa ya? billing issue ke atau masalah OCR ni?

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

[Solved] Issues :
1) Cannot make/receive calls & messages (SMS)
2) Account Status : Two-way block
3) But still can use mobile data/internet

Firstly, you have to ensure that you have scanned & verified your IC :
1) Open “mobile@unifi” app
2) Tap on the profile logo (on upper-left corner)
3) Take your IC & then tap on “scan now
4) IC verified

— Unfortunately,
Account Status : Two-way block
So what’s next?

These are EASY steps for Line Re-activation Request (online via live chat) :
1) Open “mobile@unifi” app
2) Tap on the profile logo (on upper-left corner)
3) Next to “support”, tap on “+” symbol
4) Tap on “live chat” (8:00am-10:00pm)
5) Scroll down & tap on “Service Inactive/Reactivation
6) Tell the Unifi Agent of the purpose/issue/problem you are facing.
Example: “Hello, i want to re-activate my line (your phone number) & (your email address).
And then wait for a few minutes until the Unifi Agent reply your text. Be patient, do not press “back” or it will end the conversation & service.
7) Answer several questions asked by the Unifi Agent.
8) The process will take 24 hours and you will get notifications via email or SMS once it is done.
9) Problem solved
- Account Status: Active
- Can make/receive calls & messages

My experience :
This happened to me because I received an email from Unifi :
“ Your request for line suspension has been approved. Your line will be suspended from 22/07/2021. “
But i never made any line suspension request ‘)
So, these steps only work for those who have the same issue like me, suddenly cannot make/receive calls, messages (SMS) & account has been put on hold / two-way block status.


@remstr wrote:

Hi there,


I noticed lately lot of you guys from BEBAS prepaid are suspended due to OCR verification. So what you guys need to do? I will summarize everything you need to know in this post, so please read ya.


So what is OCR Verification?

Prepaid Verification Clean Up is the initiative by Unifi Mobile to validate customer’s # Bebas account against their NRIC / Passport to ensure that all mandatory details are captured accordingly.


Mandatory details that required to be captured are;

  • Full Name
  • MyKad /Passport Number
  • Complete Mailing Address

Why dont unifi send me a reminder about it? At least SMS lah!

Actually, they did. 3 SMS will be sent to remind you guys, and one EDM via email (before suspension).


So what now? How to verify my profile?

Affected subscribers who have yet validating their # Bebas account, can perform the OCR validation through :

  • Mobile@unifi (Self care
  • Walk In to TMP


I will put additional FAQ below so please take a moment to read it throughly ya.


1. What is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) clean up exercise?
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) clean up exercise allows our unifi Mobile #BEBAS customers to complete and validate their profile using their personal identification number (NRIC / passport) in the online registration form.

This method is widely used as a form of information entry and done by digitising the printed texts so that it can be stored to sec ure and protect the customer’s account.


2. Why do we need perform the OCR for customer registration?
The OCR is a feature used to secure and protect your account. This will be done by digitizing the completed details and informati on provided by our customers.

This feature is also one of the policy regulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to all telecommu nic ations service providers.

3. Who will be impacted by the OCR exercise?
This exercise would affect ALL unifi Mobile #BEBAS customers who have yet to complete the validation process

4. What are the details needed to complete the OCR exercise?
All it takes is your mobile device with the latest version of the mobile@unifi app and your NRIC or passport.

5. Can you guide me on how to complete the OCR validation exercise?
It’s very simple. Just follow the step by step process below:
a)Launch your mobile@unifi app
b)Go to the ‘Profile’ tab
c)Then proceed to ‘Verify My Profile’ tab to complete your OCR exercise

6. If I do not verify my account what will happen?
Verifying account is a mandatory and crucial steps where all customers need to ensure that this step is done.


Failed to adhere this step accordingly to timeline given, will get your account Suspended for 14 days where at this stage you ar e unable to perform any incoming/outgoing
activities, then followed by Termination of account


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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Hi. I had completed my ocr verification about two weeks ago. When I press on the verify my profile on mobile unifi app it show ocr completed. But why I still receiving sms say my NRIC hasn't been validated. Verify your profile to avoid termination. Is my verification did not go through?