unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!


unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Hi there,


I noticed lately lot of you guys from BEBAS prepaid are suspended due to OCR verification. So what you guys need to do? I will summarize everything you need to know in this post, so please read ya.


So what is OCR Verification?

Prepaid Verification Clean Up is the initiative by Unifi Mobile to validate customer’s # Bebas account against their NRIC / Passport to ensure that all mandatory details are captured accordingly.


Mandatory details that required to be captured are;

  • Full Name
  • MyKad /Passport Number
  • Complete Mailing Address

Why dont unifi send me a reminder about it? At least SMS lah!

Actually, they did. 3 SMS will be sent to remind you guys, and one EDM via email (before suspension).


So what now? How to verify my profile?

Affected subscribers who have yet validating their # Bebas account, can perform the OCR validation through :

  • Mobile@unifi (Self care
  • Walk In to TMP


I will put additional FAQ below so please take a moment to read it throughly ya.


1. What is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) clean up exercise?
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) clean up exercise allows our unifi Mobile #BEBAS customers to complete and validate their profile using their personal identification number (NRIC / passport) in the online registration form.

This method is widely used as a form of information entry and done by digitising the printed texts so that it can be stored to sec ure and protect the customer’s account.


2. Why do we need perform the OCR for customer registration?
The OCR is a feature used to secure and protect your account. This will be done by digitizing the completed details and informati on provided by our customers.

This feature is also one of the policy regulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to all telecommu nic ations service providers.

3. Who will be impacted by the OCR exercise?
This exercise would affect ALL unifi Mobile #BEBAS customers who have yet to complete the validation process

4. What are the details needed to complete the OCR exercise?
All it takes is your mobile device with the latest version of the mobile@unifi app and your NRIC or passport.

5. Can you guide me on how to complete the OCR validation exercise?
It’s very simple. Just follow the step by step process below:
a)Launch your mobile@unifi app
b)Go to the ‘Profile’ tab
c)Then proceed to ‘Verify My Profile’ tab to complete your OCR exercise

6. If I do not verify my account what will happen?
Verifying account is a mandatory and crucial steps where all customers need to ensure that this step is done.


Failed to adhere this step accordingly to timeline given, will get your account Suspended for 14 days where at this stage you ar e unable to perform any incoming/outgoing
activities, then followed by Termination of account



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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Being asking in live chat to reactive for few days but account still in 2 way block status. . Why? 

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

I already doing all the exercise including the OCR but still get two way blocked. So many time fill in report but didnt get any responses. The online chat so busy to get into.

Please help me.on this matter.

New-in-Town ✪✪

Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Same problems..

Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Hi @Rizal3939 @SRMY @npk1 ,


IF you guys still cannot use the service even after done the exercise, please PM me your number and contact details.

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!


I had done as the shown steps but until now still cannot use back the account.

its affecting my son PDPR account! it has been more than a week!

No response from the app also. Please fix this.
New-in-Town ✪

Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

the problem is the unifi@mobile apps, when click the scan IC, the apps close without mention any error.....

now my line ald suspended ....really star.... email to ask for help, but no one answer, and direct receive the email tell that the case ald solved ..... pls rate the service.....

call 100 customer service, customer service tell he do not know about unifi mobile sim..... wt hell ....

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

Saya dah scan ic. Tapi tetap saya x pasti apa jadi. Dia balik ke interface yang minta scan tu. Camna saya nak tau dah complete x? Lepas tu, sekarang ni saya xleh nak pegi TMP. Daerah lain. Tak leh nak rentas daerah. 

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

I have done it before. After that still kena suspended. Then I ask live chat to reactive the account. Today I'm still received email told me that I haven't validate my profile. Then I go to verify my profile it shows ocr completed. Then why system not updated? So ridiculous!!!!! 

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Re: unifi #BEBAS prepaid Suspended? - Please Read!

baiki dulu app unifi mobile tu sblm pandai2 block acc user and ask them to verify IC. Sistem anda belum cukup bagus utk buat self-verify IC utk customer. Jangan nak canggih2 sangat kalau app yg korang develop tu tahap tak boleh pakai pun. buat menyusahkan customer. shame on you TM!!