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why my acc number still not updated

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why my acc number still not updated

im using my unifi 59 postpaid month already. then i rcvd bill to settle worth 116.75. after pay using online banking thru unifi app,  then the amount still appear in app. wait for one day,  in case app slow. now still appear,  mentioning no payment made,  even though the payment is successful. chay with agent,  saying my acc no is not updated.  what do u mean?  why not updated?  then how about my payment that already be done?  why such problem occur now? why not update my acc at the first place?  until now,  not update. so disappointed. if no contract,  i definitely stop now. 

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Re: why my acc number still not updated

Hi there @khairi76 ,


First, check your bank account. If there are indeed a deduction for unifi Mobile, then PM me your number and other info so i can check your payment history.