Temporarily suspend unifi account

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Temporarily suspend unifi account

Can I suspend my unifi account for 1 year due to overseas work asignment?


Re: Temporarily suspend unifi account

Hai @Sarvanam,


For unifi Home, temporary suspension allow maximum only for 3 months and must be exceed contract period of unifi account. You can PM/DM unifi via Facebook (weareunifi), Twitter (@helpmeunifi) or Live Chat, https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us for further assistance.



Re: Temporarily suspend unifi account

Hi @Sarvanam. Temporary suspension can only be done if you want to leave your house for a long time for example :
- Away from home for job assignment.
- Away from home for long holiday.
- Renovation.


Maximum period is 3 month if i am not mistaken. Account must be active status & NO outstanding balance. Please be informed that Add on service ( Mesh WiFi , UPB ) is chargeable during TOS period)


It applicable for Residential accounts which have exceeded minimum contract period from the day of installation.


You must fill up the temporary suspension form to complete the request.  No worries, unifi team will help you. In this case, you may contact Live Chat, tweet us @helpmeunifi, message at facebook.com/weareunifi (https://home.unifi.com.my/support/contact-us)
Maybe this will help you.