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how to pay bill

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how to pay bill

Paying your bills is very easy as there are various payment channels for you to choose from:



Auto-Pay with your credit/debit card is the most convenient wayAuto-Pay with your credit/debit card is the most convenient way

If you own a credit/debit card, the most convenient way is to sign up with Auto-Pay. You may sign up using Visa, MasterCard or AMEX Card! 


Wanna know how to sign up? Check here: How to sign up for Auto-Pay service








You can also pay bill manually via Self-Care using credit card, or online banking account. All you need to do is to login to Self-Care, click on your profile tab and go to "charges". 


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Once you clicked on "make payment", you will be redirected to payment page.


You can choose your payment method: credit card, or online banking account (login to your online banking is required).


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JomPAY via Internet Banking

jompay bank lists.png


 JomPAY online at Internet & Mobile banking with your Current, Saving account & Credit Card!


it's rather easy to pay with JomPAYit's rather easy to pay with JomPAY

Biller Code : 3608

Ref Code : Your 9-digit mobile account number



Over the counter / Kiosk

If you prefer to pay with cash, you can go to:

TMpoint (via Kiosk only)

TM Authorized Dealer (TAD) (Cash only)(Effective 25th April 2019)

Pos Malaysia (Cash Only)

CIMB Bank 

CIMB Account Number: 98953 followed by your mobile account number.

For example, if your mobile account number is 123456789, then your mobile

CIMB Account Number is 98953123456789



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 Now the autopay cannot using Amex anymore?